self care: 4 ways how to take care of yourself/find yourself

When people think of beauty they think of the body, yet we often overlook how changing our appearance to look a certain way can affect our attitude, confidence, and aura. Beauty is about how you project yourself into the world. Consider these aspects:

  1. Skincare:

You might believe skincare is not important because everyone is going to age eventually, but the more you take of yourself the healthier you look as you get older. I recommend starting your skincare journey by using these four basic essentials: cleanser, anti aging cream, serum and sunscreen.

2. Find you unique style:

Express yourself in your clothes, your makeup and your accessories. We each have a style, but maybe you need to help yourself find it. Don’t be afraid to try different things. Once you know what you like, look for things that exaggerate and highlight your style. Proudly be who you are and your pride will become infectious.

3.Spending time alone:

We typically like to socialize and do things in groups, but it is important to have time for yourself when you can be by yourself. Learn to love yourself and your own company. A great place to start is to take a long walk. While taking in the sights you will find your mind wandering. When you are happy within yourself you will be much more comfortable going out alone.

4. Travel alone:

I have traveled alone several times and it really has taught me much: not about the places I go, but about myself, how to navigate safely and confidently, and how to present myself to strangers. Take a leap and go somewhere by yourself! You will meet people and have great experiences. You will become confident and curious. You will make friends and you will become comfortable traveling.

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