Things to do in New York guide

Are you planning on traveling to New York soon? Here is everything you need to know before you plan your visit. New York now allows international travelers without requiring a vaccinated card to get into restaurants, indoor events, and clubs starting march 7 no mask or restrictions. Some Restaurants in new York do require reservations so remember to make reservations before going to a restaurant.

williamsburg Brooklyn photo taken by yanifashionblog

You will need a metrocard to take the train around any area in New York. I do not recommend driving in New York because local drivers tend to be reckless and impatient. A metrocard costs $2.75 per ride, and if you accidentally take the wrong train you can speak to a station employee and they will help correct your journey without having to make another purchase. City taxis and Uber/Lyft will take you anywhere in the city, but both are much more expensive recommend taking the train.

Activities in New York:

The edge

The Edge is one of the highest outdoor sky decks in the world, located at 30 Hudson Yards, very close to shopping areas and midtown tourist spots.The edge has a fee but If you decide to come here you can also visit the Vessel located between the buildings below the sky deck.The vessel is free but is not currently possible to climb the Vessel, but it makes a great backdrop for photographs so bring your camera for great touristy photos.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Modern of Art, is the perfect start to your day. Multiple galleries host ever-changing exhibitions, many of which are tactile and immersive. Recommended donation for entry if you are native New Yorker just need to donate a minimum of $2 dollars with a prove of address. If you are not from New York tickets are $25 dollars for entry.

he Museum of Modern Art photo taken by Yanifashionblog

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is certainly iconic, accessible, and communal and completely free I suggest going just before sunset for incredible view of the city. New Yorkers and visitors cross it daily. Walk across one way and take photos, and then come back on  bicycle by renting a Citibike. There’s no cost to cross the bridge, and there are plenty of real New York food trucks at either end, so plan to have lunch.

Brooklyn bridge photo taken by Yanifashionblog.

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar 

For magical views of the city, and for the best Instagram shots, you must go to the 230th Fifth Rooftop. While the Empire State Building may be the most famous building to ascend, 230th Fifth has the added bonus of having great views of the Empire State Building! And it’s much more than just a viewing deck. At night it becomes a club, with hip hop, dance and Spanish music, dinner and cocktails. The drinks are not cheap, but this is New York and if you’re visiting it’s as good as any night out.

230th Fifth rooftop photo taken by Yanifashionblog

shopping in Soho:

The best neighborhood for shopping is SoHo, where you can shop stores like Zara and Forever 21 within an easy walk. Take the subway here and begin by putting the Zara location in your phone for easy walking directions. There are many places to eat in SoHo, but here is a personal favorite: Piccolo Cucina. It’s a traditional New York Italian restaurant; not necessarily fancy, but the food is genuine New York Italian.

The Morgan Library & Museum

The Morgan Library was founded in 1906 this museum included manuscripts and many more wonders of the world in books. Sunday is a great day to go, as the neighborhood is a little quieter. It’s probably the most beautiful library you have ever seen and it’s a joy to simply be there and browse the nooks and crannies. I especially like the collection of colorful medieval manuscripts and the regally appointed reading rooms.Tickets are $ 22 dollars.

The Morgan Library & Museum photo taken by yanifashionblog

Thrift Shop in Williamsburg (hidden germ)

There’s so many good thrift shops at reasonable prices. Here is the top one I suggest going to: Mother of Junk (567 Driggs Ave). It would be great to bring a gift home from this most perfect of places. It’s within walking distance of many other great shops, like Cross-Trading, Monk Vintage, Brooklyn Woke Vintage and mother of junk. 

The Frick Collection Museum:

I’ve never fallen so in love with the work of the artist as I have in this museum. If you love art and pay attention to details, you will fall in love with the beauty of this place. The majority of the collection’s paintings and sculptures are decorative art from the early 1900s. This museum is located in the upper east side and is not as popular or well-known as other museums in the city, but I consider this my favorite. While taking photographs is prohibited, most everyone grabs a few snaps on their phones while security is not watching.

The Frick Collection museum


Chinatown is known for its exceptionally colorful street. Chinatown has some of the best cheap food but make sure you bring cash because most of the restaurants only take cash. You can come here mainly for photos and take a street style photoshoot. Here are some locations I recommend going.

Doyer Street chinatown

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