Things to do in Italy

florence Centro Storico

I visited Italy before the world we lived in changes completely.When we did not had to worry about being next to each other when we traveled.I would like to share with you guys some are favorites things I did in Italy and hopefully will have another updated Italy blog when I go back next summer.


Colosseum(Rome) during the time I went was only 12 euro without a tour guided keep in mind I went in 2019 so time has changed.I recommend buying your tickets ahead of time if you are traveling during the summer time.Colosseum is known for being called Flavian Amphitheatre that was buit in Rome by the the Flavian emperors, the construction begun between the 1970s.The main purpose buit staged variety of performers and entertainment for the ancient romans.

I also visited this manifest place call Leaning Tower Of Pisa(pisa) It was one of the tallest building in Italy and it has breath taking view here are some facts about The tower was buit with subsoil that extremely difficult to the tower weight (14,500 ton).I recommend bringing water and wearing comfortable shoes since you climbing a lot of stairs. 15-17 Euro.If you want good photos you should climb all the way to the top of the bulding.

Yellow Bar(Rome) I went on a Friday night and this place highly recommended If you are spending a few days in rome you should definitely consider going out and this the perfect spot to go.They also have outdoor seating if you want to sit outside or just meet travelers this is the perfect spot for you.

Florence: you can walk around and find restaurants near by in florence,during night time there is a lot of night mini concert.When finding a restaurant I suggest looking at prices before sitting down, they usually have the menu outside the hotel so you can look at the menu before going inside the restaurant. Florence has a lot of historial parts which includes ,Palazzo Vechehio, resturants.

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