How to Pose Like a Blogger

Posing is a skill that can take practice to get right, and it often helps to look at what works for other people and try adopting the same poses for your own body. Fashion bloggers are often especially skilled at posing, because they’ve put time and thought into understanding how certain poses look on their bodies—and how to effectively show off their garments.

Keep reading for eight poses that are blogger-approved and specifically designed to make you—and your outfit—look amazing on camera.

#1: The Classy Lean

This pose is great for looking comfortable and classy in your photo. Start by learning on something in the background and adjusting your legs. Then, just put one leg up to rest on something slightly higher than the ground. This movement brings that perfect gorgeous look you are going for. I recommend adding a bag to your wardrobe so this pose can look more stylish.

#2: The Back View

For this next pose, just turn around to face away from the camera and put your hands on your hips. It’s that simple! This pose is especially useful if your outfit has unique features or detailing on the back, as you can show them off.

#3: The Handbag Drop

This a super simple pose—you can just add a bag and you’re good to go. First, lean on one leg and pull that same shoulder back. Then, pull your hips in and hold your bag on the right by leaving a small space between your legs.

#4: The Hands on Hips

This pose is another super simple and quick option. First, you have to lean on the right and move your hips to the right. Then just put your hands on your hips! This pose is very flattering because it highlights your curves and brings focus to your waistline.

#6: The Hands in Pockets

another simple way to pose is putting your hands on your pocket,you elevate this outfit by adding a bag.

#8: The Hips Lean

in this pose you have to put your hands on your hips and just lean a little bit as you do it.this pose is simple but it will make you look stunning without trying.

Try all eight poses next time you’re taking pictures, and I guarantee you’ll find one you love! You can also use these ideas as inspiration for your own poses. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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